Blood Pressure Monitoring and Stroke Prevention Go Hand-in-Hand

Northwest Neurology boasts a proud history of reaching out into the community.  Among the priorities of our practice has been blood pressure monitoring and stroke prevention, which go hand in hand.

Stroke ravages its victims, and often their families as caregiving needs can be extensive.  There is a special concern among minorities.

Many strokes can be prevented with the right approach to monitoring and controlling blood pressure.  This must be a multi-faceted approach that includes diet and physician consultation.  For some, medication is essential as well.  We often talk about the urgency of fire extinguishers in the home for safety’s sake.  How about a blood pressure monitor in every home also, which is used regularly by all?

Under the leadership of board-certified neurologist, Dr. Tessy Jenkins, Northwest conducts regular community presentations to raise and maintain awareness about this important issue.  These occur in educational institutions, office and manufacturing workplaces, community centers and other locations.

To arrange one for your location please send an email to:

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